Personal Training

Bill Yerkes

“I have been battling with my weight all my life. I tried everything including working out at a gym or on my own which yielded little to no results. I would always go back to old habits and end up putting the weight back on again. I saw Perfect 4 You Fitness on the Black Horse Pike, and I decided to check out the website to get more information. I was invited to try a free assessment with Mel Parker, where I learned what it would take to meet my personal fitness goals. I signed up and began meeting with Mel 3 days a week. Within a short time I could see and feel results! Not only was my body changing, but my habits were changing as well because I was finally motivated! Mel pushed me along and challenged me every step of the way, and he ultimately changed my life! In just three months I lost 4% of my body fat and gained 5 lbs. of lean body mass. Inches were coming off where I didn't want them, clothes were fitting better, and my overall appearance was changing. Perfect 4 You Fitness truly was perfect for me! I tell all of my friends with the same issues how important it is to get to a gym where you can learn what is right for you and your personal fitness goals. Nothing works better than a plan designed specifically for you! Come visit Mel and find the fitness plan that works Perfect 4 You! ”
Joe Z.

“I discovered Perfect 4 You Fitness a few years ago, when I would bring my son in for sports training with Mel. After dropping off my son, I would often drive to a nearby fast food restaurant and indulge in a quick snack, and then I would hide the evidence of my bad habits by stashing the wrappers under my seat. Afterwards, I would talk to my son about his training with Mel, and I always encouraged him to continue his hard work. However, I didn't take my own advice and the wrappers piled up. Finally, in June of 2012, after much prodding, I mustered the courage to walk into Perfect 4 You Fitness myself. This was one of the best decisions of my life! The first thing Mel had me do was step on a scale. I was shocked that I, once a fit and proud Marine, weighed 271 pounds and was close to 30% body fat. But, with the help, guidance, and education from Mel, his lead trainer Christian, and their nutritionist Bernie, I have gotten my health, and my life, back on track. At my most recent assessment I weighed 200 pounds and had reduced my body fat to 15%. Pretty good for a 47-year old! If, like me, you want to improve your life, find the courage to walk into Perfect 4 You Fitness. With their help, the rest will seem easy! In the Marine Corps, our motto is Semper Fidelis, which means "Always Faithful. " I will always be faithful to Perfect 4 You Fitness for how they helped me.”

Della Clark

“Mel was informative and encouraging from the start. With his commitment and attitude, I really felt that he wanted me to succeed, which was amplified through enthusiasm and encouragement. Those elements have made my weight loss absolutely awesome! In just a year, I lost 47 lbs. and went from 180 lbs. to 133 lbs. I lost 17% of my total body fat by going from 40.7% to 23.4%. Talk about a transformation! I wouldn't have been able to do it without Perfect 4 You Fitness. Thanks Mel! ”

       Before                       After

Grace Davenport

“My weight has always been something I’ve struggled with, so a friend of mine recommended I sign up to train with Mel. Mel pushed me with a positive attitude and taught me the tools to be successful in the gym. I had a total weight loss of 80 lbs. and a total body fat loss of 22%. I went from 229 lbs. to 149 lbs., and I look better now at 42 than I ever did at 22. Mel was perfect for me and will be perfect for you too! ”

        Before                        After

Flossi Ross

Our testimonial from the inspirational Flossi Ross who worked hand in hand with owner Mel Parker to shed over 50 pounds in just one year here at Perfect 4 You Fitness! Her kind words emphasize how dedicated we are to transforming our clients lives and giving them a healthier future.

Carlo Adamo

“When I first decided that I wanted to a competition, I had no idea where to start! I had never participated in any type of fitness show before, so I had no prior knowledge of how to pose, construct a competition diet, or how to exude stage presence. I had heard that Mel was the only trainer in Turnersville that could prepare me for my competition, so I contacted him immediately. Upon meeting and working with Mel, I found him to be extremely personable and very comfortable to work with. All of my training and posing sessions with him were one on one and designed to prepare me for every aspect of the competition. Mel could always tell if I was practicing or not! He even put me through a mock competition so I would know exactly want to expect when it came to the real thing. Mel helped me build so much confidence and was both a great teacher and mentor.Because I worked with Mel, I felt that I was more prepared than every other person I competed against, so if you train with him you know you’re coming out a winner!”   

Amy Peterson

"A weight loss journey when you have to lose a significant amount of weight can be overwhelming and somewhat stressful at times. To be successful, you as a person have to make a plan and be committed to that plan. I started training with Mel at Fit Body Boot Camp in June of 2012 and never looked back! I am in the best shape, physically and mentally, than I have ever been in my entire adult life. I am now 100 lbs. lighter, and I feel incredible. Thanks to Mel for pushing me and being committed to not only me, but to all of his clients."